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Ensure Your Online Content Marketing
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Susan CrossmanTom GrayGuest Experts:

Tom Gray
and Susan Crossman
(About Tom and Susan)

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The Program:

Many information entrepreneurs (speakers, trainers, consultants, authors, coaches) know that content marketing is the key to gaining authority and customers online. They blog, tweet, like, link, and write articles for their own and others’ publications and yet the results just don’t materialize.

Common advice is to get your content out there — tweet, post, comment, write wherever you can. Yet the results are minimal, if any. There doesn’t seem to be much correlation between effort and tangible payoff — money in the bank.

If you’re feeling frustrated, you think you must not be doing it right. What are you missing? Are there nuances to enable you to get better results?

Susan and Tom share their insights about the right way to create and distribute content online that will engage an audience, drive traffic to your website, and generate revenue.

You will learn:

  • what content marketing is, a discussion of what it isn’t, and a clear idea of how to put it to work to grow your business.
  • why know/like/trust doesn’t go far enough
  • why SEO is not dead but it’s no longer the only game in town
  • the not-so-secret value equation to creating content that goes viral
  • comments, retweets or likes — a simple strategy for getting all three now
  • hidden caches of content that you can cash in on now
  • the three secrets for converting content into authority, traffic, and business
  • a 5-step process for getting the most clout out of your content marketing initiatives

Tom and Susan are experts in helping clients simplify their approach to online content creation and distribution, and their underlying philosophy is: “It doesn’t have to be that hard!”

More about our guest experts:

The owner of Crossman Communications in Toronto, Canada, Susan Crossman has written marketing and PR copy for large corporations and small businesses alike. She understands the connection between emotional triggers and buying behavior, and she deftly helps clients use their business stories to develop online content that engages their audience, elicits action, and generates revenue.

As president of Gray eMarketing Solutions, based in Denver, Colorado, Tom Gray has created digital marketing strategies for companies of all sizes. He is particularly passionate about the opportunities Internet and social media marketing presents for solopreneurs and small business owners to gain an edge and win business in a highly competitive marketplace.

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