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Creating a Blended Virtual Course:
Serve Clients by Mixing
Pre-Recorded and Live Lessons

Carla RiegerGuest Expert:

Carla Rieger
(About Carla)

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The Program:

E-learning has blossomed and has supplanted much in-person training. Many of your clients have gone in this direction, but you know e-learning alone isn’t nearly as effective as in-person workshops with in-the-moment participant coaching. Yet your clients still want e-delivery. Can you meld the two elements so participants get their questions answered and you can coach them real-time? And what if you dripped the course to them over time, letting them consume pre-recorded content on their own, but with homework and accountability so they actually did it?

Plus, because adults are just as motivated by prizes and competition as kids, what if you built in some games — with points for various activities and prizes for points? Then you’d avoid the dreaded high abandon rate of most online-only courses, and avoid participants who don’t do the work needed to successfully accomplish the course goals.

Low- and no-cost tools which work seamlessly with WordPress sites are available to automate most of the tracking and maintenance of a course like this.

Carla has designed and facilitated these type of trainings for years, and she takes us behind the scenes to understand how and why they work so well — and what to avoid. She loves being able to provide effective training to meet her clients’ needs from anywhere in the world.

You will learn:

  • the components you need to produce before you launch your course
  • how to keep participants engaged and participating until completion
  • how to use games to keep them motivated
  • which WordPress plugins are useful
  • how to streamline the process for you and your participants

More about our guest expert:

Carla Rieger helps speakers create appealing offers and a well-crafted speech so they can increase their business, enhance credibility in their niche, and have more impact with their work. She has written three books on various aspects of being a speaker, authored over 80 online learning videos, and written hundreds of articles for a variety of publications.

She has been involved in the professional speaking industry for over 20 years as a speaker, trainer, facilitator, and speaker agent. She comes from Vancouver, Canada, but lives and speaks all over the world. Her work has been featured on radio and TV and in magazines. As a frequent executive performance coach, Carla helps people stand out in the marketplace and open people’s minds with their words.


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