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Short Talks, Tall Exposure:
What Professional Speakers
Need to Know about TED

Hayley FosterGuest Expert:

Hayley Foster
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The Program:

The TED phenomenon has impacted the speaking industry, and we must be prepared to adapt to and embrace these changes. The significance of the short talk in today’s marketplace cannot be discounted. You’ve seen TED stars become in-demand speakers and you want to know how to get on the program and how to be a standout.

But speaking in the short-talk format isn’t as easy as it would seem. You can’t just tell one 18-minute story, nor can you just shorten up your “regular” talk. There are nuances that make this format work.

And TED-style programs may not be a good fit for you. There are little-known facts that many professional speakers don’t realize, but are critical to know.

Veteran TEDx organizer and speaker coach Hayley Foster, the Short Talk ExpertTM, shares her inside information to help you decide if you want to pursue this format, how to get on the program, and what to do to have a home-run experience.

By attending this session, you will understand:

  • what professional speakers must know about participating in these events
  • the pros and cons about participating in TEDx events
  • how to get to speak at TED or in a TEDx event
  • key things professional speakers must not do
  • what the stand-out speakers do that others don’t

More about our guest expert:

Hayley Foster, the Short Talk ExpertTM, has coached hundreds of TEDx presenters — CEOs, novices, educators, artists and astronauts — and over a hundred talks by speaking professionals. Her experience as one of the original TEDx organizers yielded a proprietary process for crafting original, compelling core messages that matter. An NSA member since 2002, she provides keynotes and trainings on the Art of the Short Talk, as well as coaching services to individual speakers and events as a whole. Hayley was the designated Speaker Coach for six TEDxNASA events, and has had three talks rise to TED.com. She is also the author of the popular Minibuk, “Don’t Tank Your TED Talk: 12 Mistakes Professional Speakers Make.”

Her programs have included a long list of professional speaker icons such as Jim Cathcart, Willie Jolley, Sam Horn, Mike Rayburn, and Dan Burrus, to name a few. Many NSA board members, CSPs, and CPAEs agree: Crafting and delivering a TEDx talk was the single best contribution to their professional development in years.


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