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Creating a Sustainable, Flexible, and Fulfilling
Business That Yields Over $100K/Year

Elizabeth JeffriesGuest Expert:

Elizabeth Jeffries, RN, CSP, CPAE
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The Program:

Speaking, training, coaching, consulting — you love what you do and are elated when doing it. You’d be in heaven if your pipeline was always full of repeat and referral customers who love what you do and want more of it. But the reality is you have to scramble to get new business, whether with old clients or new ones. It’s the continual business development that gets you down; the relentless grind of always needing to find new business gets old.

Unless, that is, you’ve figured out how to have a flow of repeat and new business so you never have to worry. In that situation, your income goals are nearly guaranteed, which allows you to take some risks, focus on new ways to help clients, and have time off to have a more balanced life.

This is what everyone wants, yet few have achieved. Learn from a seasoned professional who has crafted such a business. Elizabeth enjoys a steady flow of repeat clients and referrals so she doesn’t have to worry about income. She shares her simple yet powerful strategies and tactics so you can adapt her ideas to your business.

You will learn what you need to be successful, including:

  • why it’s critical to clearly articulate your unique message and skills
  • determining what your audiences value so you can provide it
  • what to do when a niche finds you
  • adopting an attitude that compels clients to hire and refer you
  • continuously refining your business practices

More about our guest expert:

Elizabeth Jeffries, RN, CSP, CPAE, works with healthcare executives to help them select and retain talent in their organizations. Many of her clients have been with her for 20 years or more. As a trusted advisor, she shares her insights and strategies through speaking, writing, coaching, and consulting.

Elizabeth began her business in 1981, joined the National Speakers Association (NSA) in 1983 and immediately founded the Kentucky chapter, serving as its president for two terms. She served as president of NSA Kentucky again in 2008–9, where she led the chapter to new growth and renewed engagement.

Elizabeth was a member of the NSA Board of Directors for six years, and has served as chair or member of most NSA committees over the past 30 years.

She is married to Past NSA President Stephen Tweed, CSP, and lives in Louisville, KY. She’s passionate about travel, especially to Italy where she lived for several months in 2012 and wrote a book about her adventure.


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