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What’s Your Legacy Message?

Sam HornGuest Expert:

Sam Horn
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The Program:

When INC Magazine asked billionaire Shutterstock founder Jon Oringer, “What’s next?” he said he wanted to become a better speaker so he could pass on what he’s learned. But the world doesn’t need another speaker (no matter how accomplished) on leadership, sales, change or communication. The world wants and needs unique, provocative insights they haven’t heard before.

You may agree with that in theory, yet wonder *how* to create a first-of-its-kind, commercially viable legacy message. Sam shares her “7C” process for leveraging your unique lessons learned into a profitable keynote, brand, book, and TEDx talk that scales your impact and influence — for good.

You’ll discover specific ways to:

  • plumb your past for transformational no-no-no or yes-yes-yes experiences that set you on your path
  • follow Brené Brown’s example and show the before-after shift — the secret sauce of inspiring legacy messages
  • do what Neil Gaiman did to turn a 20-minute commencement speech into a viral video and bestselling book
  • create a compelling signature story (a la #1 TED speaker Sir Ken Robinson) that people relate to, remember, and want more of
  • “show them the fish” with props so people picture your point and SEE what you’re saying
  • make sure your legacy message has a bottom-line ROI so meeting planners and clients will gladly pay you for it
  • turn your legacy message into a mission and movement (like Rick Martinez of the BINK Project did)

Plan on taking notes. If you’ve heard Sam before, you know she doesn’t waste time on ivory tower theories — she jumps into “I can use that today!” insights you can apply immediately to get real-world results.

More about our guest expert:

Sam Horn, TEDx speaker and author of POP!, Tongue Fu! and the upcoming Got Your Attention?, helps executives and entrepreneurs craft compelling written and spoken communications (e.g., TEDx talks, books, keynotes, media interviews) that scale their impact. Her corporate clients include Intel, Boeing, NASA, Cisco and KPMG, and her consulting clients include Terry Jones, founder of Travelocity; Betsy Myers, COO of President Obama’s 2008 campaign; Charlie Pellerin, Project Manager of Hubble Telescope; and many others.

Her books have been endorsed by Seth Godin, Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard and Tony Robbins, and her work has been featured in Fast Company, New York Times, Washington Post, INC.com, BusinessWeek, etc.

Perhaps most importantly, she is known for her brilliant ability to help people crystallize strategic, one-of-a-kind positioning and messaging that helps them and their priority project — whether that’s an idea, organization or cause — break out (vs. blend in).


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