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How Non-Celebrity Speakers
Can Build a Lucrative Career

Warren GreshesGuest Expert:

Warren Greshes, CPAE
(About Warren)

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The Program:

What does it take to build a decades-long, flourishing speaking career? Every successful speaker’s story is different — there is no formula. For those “mere mortal” speakers who don’t start as a champion athlete, exec of a top firm, or bestselling author, the road is harder.

If you see yourself as being paid handsomely to share your ideas, it is possible. The path to success of well-paid, non-celebrity speakers often includes some common threads and duplicatable actions. As one in this category, Warren has learned what it takes to keep his calendar as full as he’d like.

Warren shares some of the still-relevant techniques he used to build his career and keep his clients happy. He reveals often-overlooked actions that will endear you to the person in charge. And he unveils ways speakers, trainers, consultants, and coaches can be better salespeople for their own services.

You will learn how to:

  • secure well-paid engagements providing your services to local businesses
  • incorporate easy business practices that will endear you to your clients — practices most speakers don’t do
  • embrace simple sales techniques that you need to know and do, even if you have marketing/sales staff
  • get repeat business
  • use free speeches to generate a tremendous amount of business

More about our guest expert:

How many speakers can claim to have delivered one keynote speech at a corporate conference that resulted in then delivering keynote addresses at 21 more meetings for that same client over the next five years? How many speakers can say they were asked back to keynote the same meeting for a Fortune 500 client seven years in a row, doing an entirely different speech each time? And how many speakers can say they keynoted the same conference five years in a row, for the same client, then parlayed it into a one-year consulting assignment? Warren Greshes has done that. And more....

Warren teaches speakers how to differentiate themselves from the competition, and create the kind of value that makes them indispensable to their clients.

Warren is a serial entrepreneur. As an internationally acclaimed Hall of Fame speaker, top-selling author, broadcaster, podcaster, educational products producer, and former minor league baseball team owner, Warren has been traveling the world for the past 29 years building his brand.

Warren has served on the board of directors of the National Speakers Association, and in 1998 was awarded their highest designation, CPAE, when he was inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame.


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