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Slide Showmanship: Dazzle Audiences
with State-of-the-Art Slide Design

Mike RobertsonGuest Expert:

Mike Robertson
(About Mike)

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The Program:

Blaming PowerPoint for a boring presentation is like blaming a paintbrush for a lousy painting. Slide presentation software is just a tool; unfortunately it’s a tool which is misused thousands of times each day. Your slides do not have to be boring walls of text. They can be fascinating, engaging, and even magical...and they can increase your audience’s interest and retention of your all-important information.

You’ve studied the PowerPoint (or Keynote) tutorials and feel you’ve done the best with what is available. So how do you unlock more cool tricks that aren’t in any manual? How do you tap your creativity to combine functions you’ve not seen anyone (except Mike) do before? You want to learn how to fire up your slides — Mike shows you how to add hot effects that nearly no one else is doing.

Mike does magical things with slides, using the same programs you do, but the results are vastly different. He shares tips, tricks, and techniques to make your slides leap off the screen, grab your audience by the lapels, and shake ’em up!

Instead of your slides being a pedestrian visual tool, they will become as dynamic as you are and add an element to your presentation that makes you even more memorable.

You will learn:

  • Common mistakes most slides contain
  • Small changes in slide design that make an amazing difference
  • Using the power of layers to make your slides stand out
  • Animations that amaze
  • Interacting with your own imagery

More about our guest expert:

Mike Robertson has always loved to perform. As a child, he performed magic as Linzeeni the Great. Later, he became a musician, a graphic designer, and a professional speaker. All these interests combine in his unique presentations. Some of his slides cause jaws to drop and spontaneous applause to erupt, as he seamlessly weaves the threads of magic, showmanship, visual design, and storytelling structure into a whole new experience.


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