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Marketing Espionage for Speakers:
How to Leverage Competitive Intelligence
to Dominate Online

Heather LutzeGuest Expert:

Heather Lutze, CSP
(About Heather)

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The Program:

Your business success doesn’t guarantee your online success. You want to know what works to bring customers to you online, so you don’t waste months — or years — experimenting with meager results.

Heather has distilled 14 years of Internet and search marketing knowhow to rapidly identify common mistakes and provide essential tools and solutions needed to fix websites fast.

You’ll learn the real-life tools of the trade to understand and set strategy for your business. Heather’s easy, nontechnical style has wide appeal to those interested in growing their business and improving marketing results quickly.

This high-content, fun program pulls back the curtain on industry secrets and reveals how to:

  • Understand why “Intel Strategies” are not covert, but industry-best practices for developing a winning online marketing plan.
  • Spy on yourself and discover where you stand with Google right now.
  • Tap the psyche of the searcher to stop guessing and start connecting meaningfully with customers who are ready to buy.
  • Gain a significant competitive edge by discovering your competitors’ online strategy.
  • Go undercover to conduct advanced keyword research for the right phrases to get found fast.
  • Create a content strategy that connects with and converts customers.
  • Learn top nontechnical strategies any business can implement to improve findability.

More about our guest expert:

Heather Lutze, CSP, speaks from experience and her impressive professional background makes her an expert on the topic of search engine marketing. A widely acclaimed speaker, trainer, and consultant, Heather wrote three books on search engine marketing:

  • The Findability Formula: The Easy, NonTechnical Approach to Search Engine Marketing (2009 Wiley)
  • Thumbonomics: The Essential Business Roadmap for Social Media & Mobile Marketing (2013 Findability Press)
  • Marketing Espionage: How to Leverage Competitive Intelligence to Dominate Online (Findability Press Spring 2015)

Her writing, in-demand keynotes and Findability University workshops are delivered with the same witty, “No GeekSpeak” style that demystifies Internet marketing for countless business owners and executives. Lutze has presented to 90+ Vistage International CEO Groups and is their highest rated speaker with 4.8 out of 5.0 points. In 2014, Heather earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from the National Speakers Association, the highest and most prestigious award in the speaking industry.


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