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Top 10 Things to Quit *Now*
if You Want to Soar to the Next Level!

Ford SaeksConnie PodestaGuest Experts:

Connie Podesta, CSP, CPAE and
Ford Saeks, CSP, CPAE
(About Connie and Ford)

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The Program:

Most advisors tell you what you need to start doing to be more successful. However, you can gain a lot of momentum faster if you first examine what you should stop, quit, or let go of that is standing in your way of achieving the success you want. Bottom line: It’s often easier to stop something than to start something.

Connie and Ford, with decades of total experience, realized that together they have coached, counseled, and trained other speakers and consultants to QUIT more than 100 different behaviors, mindsets, and perspectives over the years in order to help them reach the highest levels of success possible. They’ve seen firsthand how people in the speaking industry continue to get in their own way when it comes to continuing attitudes and behaviors that are keeping them from soaring to higher levels. And they are committed to helping other speakers identify and let go of these traits.

Connie is a master when it comes to negotiating fees, booking dates, word-of-mouth marketing, and creating a keynote no one will ever forget. Ford is a genius when it comes to marketing, monetizing your skills, and building a digital footprint that propels you to the next level. Both are extraordinary business entrepreneurs with unique, successful business models and will share best practices that truly work! Are you ready to soar ahead? Make that million you’ve dreamed about? Get out of your own way and defy conventional thinking? If so, this is the session for you.

In this teleseminar, you will learn the top 10 things you need to QUIT NOW! if you want to, such as ideas on how to:

  • create an unforgettable presentation that sells you each and every time
  • discover why lead generation is not as hard as you think
  • learn to negotiate the fees you deserve
  • identify when and why coaching is right for you
  • rethink your marketing/selling strategy for much better results
  • reexamine the relevancy of your digital footprint
  • avoid “experts” who will take advantage of you
  • determine what you are worth and how to market that

More about our guest experts:

Connie Podesta, CSP, CPAE is a game-changing, revenue-building, idea-generating ball of fire whose rare blend of humor, substance, and style have made her one of the most in-demand speakers in the world today. 25 years. Two million people. 1000 organizations. Hall of Fame speaker. Award-winning author. Seven books. Former radio/TV personality. Therapist for 30 years. Expert on the psychology of sales, leadership, change, life balance and getting your act together! Plus (what we all probably could use in today’s crazy world ) ... a comedienne.

Ford Saeks, CSP has redefined the formula for business success. His efforts have helped companies generate a total of over a billion dollars in sales worldwide. From start-ups to Fortune 500s, Ford is widely recognized as a Business Growth Innovator. With over 20 years’ experience (ranging from retail to wholesale), he has founded over ten companies, authored four books, been awarded three U.S. patents, and received numerous industry awards. Tenacity and innovation are what fuel this revenue-generating powerhouse. From grassroots to Google, Ford provides his clients with fresh perspectives and do-able tactics to resolve marketing, operations, and growth challenges. As president and CEO of Prime Concepts Group, Inc., an integrated marketing services firm, Ford specializes in helping businesses attract loyal and repeat customers, monetize social media, and ignite creativity.

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