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Extreme Polling: Really Engage Audiences
by Showing What They Think

Brian WalterGuest Expert:

Brian Walter, CSP, CPAE
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The Program:

In your speeches, nothing is more inherently interactive than audience polling. Yet too many speakers limit the awesome power of polling to feeble hand-raising. Brian will explain in detail exactly how to use verbal shout outs, shouts with arms & fingers, ARS remotes, texts, apps, websites, and even flags to dynamically poll audience members.

The big question is why *aren’t* you using polling technology? What if you could collect relevant data real-time and then address what it means to the audience? You’d be a rock star as they will see you’re involving *them* in your presentation and reacting to their answers.

But you may have some concerns. What about the technology — how easy is it to explain and use? How long does it take to tally the scores? Do you have to buy the units or can the audience use cellphones? Or is there a way to poll without technology that is more interesting than raising hands? Is it better for people to respond anonymously or semi-anonymously? And what types of questions are best for polls? Which types should you avoid?

This session gives you the pros and cons of the numerous polling options that can work great for speakers and their audiences.

You will learn:

  • why audience polling will set you apart from other presenters
  • how to choose the right polling system for you
  • which system will fit your (or your client's) budget
  • how to avoid mishaps
  • best types of questions to ask and avoid

More about our guest expert:

Brian Walter, CSP, CPAE runs a speaking and multi-media production company called Extreme Meetings. Brian specializes in providing customized infotainment to make meetings memorable. He creates custom game shows, audience interaction exercises, parody music, and humorous videos. He is a master of internal communication and consults with clients in a wide range of industries.


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