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Top 5 Ways to Attract Corporate Sponsors

Linda HollanderGuest Expert:

Linda Hollander
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Have you ever thought about funding from sponsors for your speaking business? Top speakers use corporate sponsors. Why not you?

Colleagues talk about being sponsored for their speaking, but you don’t even know where to start. Who would you contact? What would you say? What would be enticing to them? How much would they pay? What would they want from you?

Linda answers these questions so you can start approaching sponsors to fund your events.

You will learn:

  • How to identify your potential sponsors
  • How to attract these sponsors
  • How to avoid biggest mistakes most people make
  • How to create your sponsor proposal to get big bucks
  • How much money to ask for (don’t sell yourself short)
  • How to get your sponsors to renew again and again

More about our guest expert:

Linda Hollander is known as the “Wealthy Bag Lady.” She is the author of Corporate Sponsorship in 3 Easy Steps, Even if You’re Just Starting Out and the CEO of Sponsor Concierge. She is an industry leader in teaching entrepreneurs about how sponsors can help you fund your dreams.

Linda has consulted with many entrepreneurs to help them profit from the awesome power of corporate sponsors and has 20 years of experience in business.

Her corporate sponsors include Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Epson, FedEx, Staples, Health Net, Citibank, American Airlines, Bank of America, Marriott, Walmart and IBM.


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