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Apply Lessons Learned
from Running Billion-Dollar Businesses
to Grow Your Speaking Enterprise

Brenda BenceGuest Expert:

Brenda Bence, MBA, CSP, CSPGLobal
(About Brenda)

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The Program:

Successful corporate executives think differently than small business owners. To an independent speaker/trainer/consultant/coach, it may feel challenging to craft a successful plan and execute it, too, while delivering services.

But if you can understand the mindset of senior-level executives, it will not only help you run your business better, it will help you to gain a great understanding of your clients’ needs and enable you to get more new and repeat business.

Brenda has run billion-dollar businesses for Fortune 100 corporations. Since leaving the corporate world, she has been a highly successful speaker for more than a decade. She shares how she regularly applies what she learned in her years of corporate life to thrive in the speaking business.

In this session, you will learn:

  • three core mindsets/behaviors of successful billion-dollar businesses that you can replicate immediately
  • how to use fundamental consumer-marketing concepts to assure consistent client satisfaction
  • the one question that every aspect of your speaking business depends upon
  • how to treat each event like a new product launch and increase your chances of outstanding results
  • the key consumer-goods tenet that will drive 97% repeat business

More about our guest expert:

Brenda Bence, MBA, CSP, CSPGlobal has spent her career focusing on two things: branding and leadership — and how the two work together. After 20 years building mega brands for Fortune 100 consumer giants, she started her own business to help companies and executives define and grow their own powerful leadership brands. Sought-after as a speaker across six continents, Brenda is also the author of eight books that have won over 30 international awards. As a Certified Senior Executive Coach, she has coached over 700 leaders from 60 nationalities across 70 industries.


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