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Create YOUR Three-Year Speaking Business Plan:
Stop Chasing Squirrels and Grow Your Business!

Liz WeberGuest Expert:

Liz Weber, CMC, CSP
(About Liz)

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The Program:

  • Are you constantly jumping from one new idea to the next, hoping to find that “magic bullet” to your success?
  • Are you tired of spending your time and money on yet another “surefire” gimmick, product, or process, only to have it fail?
  • Would you like to work on things that DO positively impact your business and STOP doing things that don’t?

If you answered “yes” to the above, welcome to the crowd! Our profession is filled with creative entrepreneurs who love exploring new ideas. The problem is, without focus it’s hard to see many results. You just flit from one good idea to the next, then get frustrated that little seems to be working.

The good news is, Liz shares tools and ideas that will help you get that laser focus you need to really thrive. She walks you through how to develop your 3-year speaking business plan, which is your key to staying focused, on-track and on-target for creating the speaking business YOU want.

By attending this session, you will:

  • Clarify the type of speaking business you want instead of doing what “everyone” else is doing
  • Identify 3–5 Strategic Actions or Must Do’s for your speaking business over the next 3 years
  • Develop focused 1-, 2- & 3-year goals to START doing what’s important and STOP doing what’s not!

“Wow! Ouch! Liz Weber, CMC, CSP delivered in so many ways! She not only helped me clarify and prioritize what I should be working on, but she totally disrupted my pattern of thinking! She forced me to face my reality and my current self-limiting thoughts and behaviors.” —Randy Keirn, NSA Central Florida President 2014–2015

More about our guest expert:

A sought-after consultant, speaker, and seminar presenter, Liz Weber is known for her candor, insights, and her ability to make the complexities of leadership E.A.S.Y. She creates clarity for her audiences during her results-oriented presentations and training sessions. Participants walk away from her sessions knowing how to implement the ideas she’s shared not just once, but repeatedly to ensure continuous leadership growth and development.

Liz has been there, done it, and learned from it. As a result, whether she’s speaking to corporate executives or association professionals, her comments and insights on strategic leadership, trust, transparency, and teamwork ring true.

As the president of Weber Business Services, LLC, a management consulting, training, and speaking firm headquartered near Harrisburg, PA, Liz provides strategic and succession planning, executive coaching, and comprehensive leadership development training and products to business owners, executive teams, boards of directors, and other leaders.

Liz is one of fewer than 100 people in the U.S. to hold both the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designations; the highest earned designations in two different professions. She also holds an MBA in International Business, is a sought-after board member, and serves as a national board director for The National Speakers Association. She’s served on its Strategic Planning, Executive Compensation, and Executive Committees.

Liz has supervised business activities in 129 countries and has consulted with organizations in over 20 countries. She has designed and facilitated conferences from Bangkok to Bonn and Tokyo to Tunis. Liz has taught for Johns Hopkins University’s Graduate School of Continuing Studies, as well as Georgetown University’s Senior Executive Leadership Program.

Liz has written nine leadership books, including Something Needs to Change Around Here — The Five Stages to Leveraging Your Leadership (September 2011) and Stop So You Can Get the Results You Want! (April 2015), a 4 e-book package (What Business Owners Need to Stop Doing; What Managers Need to Stop Doing; What HR Professionals Need to Stop Doing; and What Women in Leadership Need to Stop Doing).

Liz’s “Manager’s Corner” column appears monthly in several trade publications, association newsletters, and Internet resource centers for executives.


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