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Sell from the Stage Without Being Smarmy

Ava DiamondGuest Expert:

Ava Diamond
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You know you should do it, but have never felt comfortable. When you’ve seen other speakers do it, it’s just seemed so smarmy. Yet you see the lines of people at the back giving their credit cards to buy the “today-only” deals.

If only someone could share how to make the offer seem seamless and appropriate. You have products and services that really help people. You just have to find a way to share the offer that feels right for you.

Selling from the stage without turning off your audience increases your income and impact. Whether it’s selling more programs at the back of the room or speaking for free and selling a coaching or consulting package, mastering this skill is essential for speakers. Today’s audiences are smarter and more sophisticated. They don’t want to be “sold to.” But they do want information and programs that will improve their lives.

By attending this session, you will:

  • be able to create a speech that sells your programs and services.
  • know how to structure the offer so people want to buy exactly what you are offering.
  • integrate the mindset components that are crucial to the sale so you don’t continue to sabotage your sales
  • activate your audience to buy on the spot instead of “thinking about it”
  • understand how to make offers when you’re not allowed to sell
  • avoid the most common mistake that kills your sales

More about our guest expert:

Ava Diamond is a speaker, consultant, and facilitator with expertise in leadership, employee engagement, and success strategies for women. Ava speaks from over 25 years experience as a Fortune 100 manager, executive director of a not-for-profit agency, consultant, and entrepreneur. She learned how to sell from the stage to attract clients for her speech coaching business for women entrepreneurs and coaches. She has a master’s degree in Leadership and Organizational Behavior. Ava’s proudest accomplishment is completing the Avon Breast Cancer walk — 60 miles over 3 days.


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