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Cracking the Continuing Education Code
for a Healthy Revenue Stream

Jeff JusticeGuest Expert:

Jeff Justice, CSP
(About Jeff)

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The Program:

There is a little-known way to monetize your virtual programs. Not many of your competitors utilize this revenue source. Once implemented, you’ll smile every time money is deposited in your account — often multiple times a day.

Virtual Continuing Education (CE) programs are one of the best-kept secrets in the speaking, training and consulting business. They’re a lucrative income stream and a readymade market. They are not easy to discover and navigate on your own.

In this information-packed program, you’ll learn the “soup to nuts” system for developing, marketing and delivering CE programs for trade and professional organizations.

You will learn:

  • what CE programs are and why they’re required for some professions
  • how to double your current income with CE programs
  • how to match your expertise to a niche market
  • topics that lend themselves to a CE program
  • how to find trade and professional organizations that require CEUs
  • how to choose the most lucrative markets
  • when to offer programs at the local, state and national level
  • 5 key factors in developing your program
  • ideal length and size for CE programs
  • how much to charge
  • how far ahead you need to plan (the program timeline)
  • how to approach trade and professional organizations to offer CEUs
  • steps to get your program accredited
  • which types of marketing and learning materials work best for CE programs
  • 3 ways to maximize your return on investment

More about our guest expert:

Jeff Justice, CSP, and NSA member since 1990, is the founder and Humor Resources Director of Corporate Comedy and Jeff Justice Seminars, which specialize in bringing humor to the workplace. In addition to his work as a motivational keynote humorist he has been providing CEUs (Continuing Education Units) to Court Reporters since 1995 with over 7,000 Court Reporters attending his seminars. He has presented seminars for CEUs in Texas, Georgia, Florida, California, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, New York and New Jersey.

In 2013 Jeff started retooling his CEU business from live seminars to providing his material online through recorded videos of his seminars. This has resulted in a six-figure income that requires minimal time and effort on his part and provides a fun, fast and affordable way for his clients to get their CEUs from the comfort of their home or office.

This year he moved his entire business online and has streamlined the process to the point that he’s even able to run it from his cellphone and laptop while on vacation.


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