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Crafting Your Reward Miles/Points Strategy
and Getting the Highest Value
from Travel Rewards

Rebecca MorganGuest Expert:

Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC
(About Rebecca)

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The Program:

As an in-demand presenter, you travel a lot. You’ve worked to get the highest status possible on your favorite airline. You enjoy the perks. Because you’ve amassed an impressive quantity of miles in that airline’s frequent flyer program, you think more is better so you get a credit card affiliated with that airline.

Depending on your reward travel goals, that may be a huge mistake.

Few road warriors take the time to rethink their award strategies nor investigate new options that would yield their travel goals more effectively. If you haven’t reexamined yours, or kept up with new ways to accumulate and use your awards, now’s the time to do so. Awards tickets are becoming more expensive and harder to find. So you need to understand the current options for accruing points/miles in the right program.

Rebecca has been researching this topic and has helped other frequent travelers refine their plan. She travels abroad multiple times a year using awards for business and first class tickets. She focuses on the best points/miles accumulation options and then how to get the best travel value from your points/awards.

Note: She focuses on award air travel with a few tips on lodging award travel (including Airbnb reward travel).

You will learn:

  • questions to answer to ensure your current reward points/miles strategy is appropriate for your 1- to 5-year award travel goals
  • your best strategy for accruing points/miles in the right program
  • least costly ways to use miles/points for the highest value
  • a template of an easy way to track your options
  • resources for helping you track industry insider info on award offers and changes

More about our guest expert:

Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC is an international speaker, management consultant and bestselling author of 26 books (two of her titles have sold over 250,000 each and have been translated into 9 languages). She loves to travel internationally and uses her speaking skills to gain access to foreign experiences. When not staying in a client-paid hotel or with pals, she uses Airbnbs and will share how to get a great listing and travel credits.


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