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Escape the Price Race to the Bottom

Sarah PettyGuest Expert:

Sarah Petty
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For many speakers and consultants, it can seem that the business has become commodified. There are plenty of people who will speak for free or for a small fee. Potential clients know this and seem to feel it is a badge of honor to get your services at the lowest price. When your calendar is light, you are tempted to fall for these negotiation tactics and end up feeling you’ve done way too much work for way too little money.

You want clients who see the high value you bring and pay accordingly. You want clients who gush about you to others so you have a steady stream of work at the pay you want. Sarah shares ideas on how to be gush-worthy and have others do your marketing for you.

Sarah comes from the business of professional photography where she was competing with free since everyone has a camera. She figured out how to communicate her unique value and price herself on the high end of the market. She now uses those same concepts as a professional speaker. She teaches others to get their price even if in businesses where there is a lot of competition and mounting pressure to discount or work for free.

You will learn how to:

  • create value so you don’t have to compete on price
  • ensure you have a steady steam of clients willing to pay your fee
  • respond when they ask for a discount
  • maximize your biggest asset

More about our guest expert:

There’s never a quick trip to the grocery store for Sarah Petty. You see, she’s in heaven in a place with so many products. She’ll pick up a box of cereal to examine the packaging and dissect the store window displays all while strategizing what works and what doesn’t. For Sarah, marketing really is a joy. She simply can’t get enough.

Even though she has won plenty of awards for her photography, it’s not photography technique that has made her business successful. Sarah believes it takes more than technical expertise to win in business. And old school marketing? Fuhgeddaboutit! The knowledge Sarah shares through Joy of Marketing and to audiences worldwide has helped thousands of boutique business owners grow their small businesses beyond their wildest dreams.

Sarah is a New York Times bestselling author, highly-acclaimed speaker, author, MBA and coach who has inspired thousands of boutique business owners to use beautiful marketing to take their business to the next level. Her expertise is based on over 20 years helping build the Coca-Cola brand, meeting the marketing goals of a top regional advertising agency’s clients and building her own successful boutique photography studio. This studio was named one of the most profitable in the country within just five years in business. Sarah has mastered the science of marketing and the art of making it simple, actionable, and, yes, fun!


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