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How to Get 5 Paid Bookings in the Next 5 Days

Winston MarshGuest Expert:

Winston Marsh, CSP
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The Program:

It’s frustrating when you know you’re a good speaker yet your calendar is nearly empty. You get good reviews, but no one is beating a path to your doorway. You know you need to be more pro-active, but aren’t sure what you can do to get some momentum.

You regularly post to Twitter, YouTube, FaceBook, LinkedIn, your blog, and send an e-zine, but with little or no inquiries. You’re stuck on what else you can do to get some engagements.

Luckily, a long-time professional speaker will give you some no-holds-barred, straight-talk ideas to get some dates on your calendar fast. Winno will give you the cold, hard facts guaranteed to yield you five paid bookings in five days — if you follow his instructions! You’ll have to take on board what he says (no ifs, buts or arguments), get off your backside and make it happen. Yes, that’s right, no mucking about ... it’s his way or the highway! This is the recipe to really get started earning the fees you’re worth.

Be warned! As much as you love your presentation you may have to re-engineer it so that it’s more saleable. That means thinking like your client.

You will discover:

  • where scores of unexploited speaking opportunities lurk.
  • the big mistake most speakers make that trips them up almost every time.
  • an amazingly simple secret to thinking like your potential client.
  • how to make your topic, no matter what it is, almost irresistible to a client.
  • the profitable secret that great salespeople know that many speakers don’t.
  • the single most important factor in selling your speaking presentation.
  • how to get a trickle of anticipatory dribble trickling down a prospect’s chin!
  • why you should never, ever write your own bio.

Note: This session is more appropriate for those newer to the speaking business.

More about our guest expert:

Winston (Winno) Marsh, CSP is a 30-plus-year professional business speaker who has helped hundreds of people develop and sell their own professional speaking prowess. His practical, common-sense advice and down-to-earth style will inform and inspire you to achieve the rewards you deserve from your own speaking. He has given many presentations to members of the National Speakers Association of Australia (now Professional Speakers Australia) of which he is a Past National President. He holds both the inaugural Golden Mike Award and the Certified Speaking Professional designation.


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