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Christie WardGuest Expert:

Christie Ward, CSP
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The Program:

Meeting planners are demanding more interaction in general session presentations. “Oh no!” you may be saying. “I have 45 minutes of great content, humor and stories. Audience participation takes time. How would I ever fit it in?” Yet you have to or your meeting planner will be unhappy, and you won’t get spinoffs.

You’re not alone. Many speakers are hesitant because they are afraid their time will be eaten up with frivolous interactivity, and they’ll lose control of the audience.

In this session you’ll learn the strategies to set up, lead and debrief an interaction with a large group when time is limited and you have a message to deliver. You’ll hear several ways to use volunteers — a single person or small group on stage creates automatic interaction with everyone in the audience. They feel they are on stage with their peers.

And what do you do when an unexpected interaction becomes necessary or comes out of a question in the room? Creating an exercise and creating interaction are not the same. One can feel contrived. True interaction engages your audience in what is important to them.

This session is aimed at giving you the tools to confidently answer “Yes” when the meeting planner asks if your session will be interactive.

You will learn how to:

  • earn the right to interact
  • confidently set up, lead and debrief interaction to stay on time
  • use volunteers in your session to capture attention
  • create organic rather than contrived interaction
  • stay in the moment and prepared for unplanned interaction

More about our guest expert:

In the ’90s, Christie Ward coached and managed more than 200 of the best professional trainers around the world for CareerTrack, Inc. Since 1999, as the principal in The Impact Institute, she has facilitated communication topics that make the difference for performance on public and private sector teams. Some of Christie’s public sector clients are the USAF, Department of Interior, El Monte and Albuquerque school districts, and several city and county governments. Her corporate clients include DISH Network, IHS, SUN, TW Telecom, and AT&T. Among her non-profit clients are Goodwill, the National Scholarship Provider’s Association, and Americorps.

She is past president for NSA (National Speakers Association) Colorado, and in 2016 co-chaired NSA’s Winter Conference in Austin, TX. Christie regularly volunteers for the Tennyson Center for Abused Children, where she judges a speech contest with her NSA colleagues every year. She also conducts mock-scholarship interviews for inner-city youth in partnership with Goodwill and the Denver Chamber of Commerce, and at Strive Charter school as part of her commitment to her community. She has traveled with Together We Can Change the World to SE Asia and spoken in Myanmar. She is a leader on and off the platform.


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