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Write Regularly and with High Impact
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Dave LieberGuest Expert:

Dave Lieber, CSP
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The Program:

Some call it writer’s block. Dallas Morning News columnist Dave Lieber, CSP, calls it writer’s constipation. Nothing comes out. In this teleseminar, Dave shows you how to write regularly to attract more clients — and a lot more.

And that’s a sample of his technique. A strong lead, a bit edgy, causing curiosity, foreshadowing and getting readers to keep going. This teleseminar assumes you already write as part of your business.

If you commonly find yourself stymied about writing your blog, articles, ezines, proposals, even emails, Dave helps you break through your stuckness. If you apply his tips, never again will you stare at a blank screen thinking, “I don’t know what to write.”

Dave shares practical, immediately usable tips about writing, researching, editing and presentation in various formats that will make you a much stronger written communicator.

This is a rare opportunity to hear from an active 40-year newspaper veteran and popular columnist who is also a working professional speaker, and sometime coach, consultant and trainer.

In this session you will:

  • hear unusual ideas that help you develop a regular writing model
  • gain tips about how to do quickie journalism that make you an expert
  • understand storytelling techniques that allow you to "show and not tell" your important stories
  • see how to put emotion and passion into everything you write
  • learn amazing editing techniques that perfect your writing every time

More about our guest expert:

Dave is the author of six books. As “The Watchdog,” he writes 100 investigative columns a year for Texas’ top newspaper. He’s also a humorist who shares nearly 100 talks a year to groups, companies and associations, mostly about business storytelling techniques that make them superstars.

Visit DaveLieber.org to watch his TED talk on “The Power of Storytelling to Change the World.”

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