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Create a 6-Figure Income
with Your Daily Content Machine

JB GlossingerGuest Expert:

JB Glossinger, MBA, PhD
(About JB)

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The Program:

“Daily content? Shoot me now!” You can’t imagine how you’d come up with enough ideas to create daily content, let alone content people love and would even pay for.

Wouldn’t producing daily content eat up the whole day, with crafting, editing, publishing and promoting it? And perhaps learning some new technology? It can sound onerous.

JB Glossinger has mastered how to create content in 20 minutes. Then he golfs, works out or goofs off. He has created over 3,000 podcasts that have been downloaded more than 22 million times. And he has a loyal following (150,000 Facebook fans, podcast downloaders, Twitter followers and email subscribers) that pays him for his content, plus sponsors.

Learn profitable content strategies from the king. JB shares how he makes it all work, including what to avoid.

You will learn:

  • how to adopt the right mindset for daily content creation
  • how to use an editorial calendar to for an easy-to-follow content guide
  • techniques to help you build your list and followers
  • monetization ideas, including subscribers and sponsors

More about our guest expert:

JB Glossinger, MBA, PhD, is widely beloved as the Morning Coach, with a daily podcast that has been downloaded over 22 million times. A sought-after motivational speaker and coach with an international following, JB is also a Mastermind group leader and a contributing writer for The Business Journals, a 43-paper network.

He holds advanced degrees in business and metaphysics but credits his street education — from black eyes to near bankruptcy — with providing the life-changing lessons that inspired the keys to personal transformation he shares with audiences, coaching clients, and readers worldwide.

www.glossinger.com | www.morningcoach.com

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