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Techniques to Include in Your Presentation
That Increase Repeat Bookings

Mike DomitrzGuest Expert:

Mike Domitrz, CSP
(About Mike)

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The Program:

As professional presenters, we know how to subtly embed previous client results into our programs so audience members know what else we offer. We know how to introduce our products without coming across as “sales-y.” If we’re savvy, we’re always looking for ways to increase our business from each booking.

Mike shares a potpourri of techniques he uses successfully to create presentations which engage even reticent attendees, and turn them into word-of-mouth marketing champions. He discusses how he uses technology during the presentation to create connection and to capture golden marketing copy. He describes how he ensures everyone feels included, and how to create new material. And he provides a simple, but underused, tool to keep your audiences with you at every step.

In this program, you will learn how to:

  • use technology to keep the client bringing you back and to prove transformation has taken place
  • be inclusive from the stage so you’re not leaving anyone out
  • create new content without scripting the new material word-by-word
  • use the skill of “call & response” to engage audiences in a completely different manner

More about our guest expert:

Mike Domitrz, CSP, founder of the AHA Center and The DATE SAFE Project is a critically acclaimed speaker, author, and media resource who has been inspiring individuals with his passion and energy for over two decades. School systems, universities, the US military, corporations and organizations, along with media outlets, turn to Mike Domitrz as their subject matter expert for discussing creating a culture of respect.

No Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) in the world has conducted more trainings than Mike Domitrz for creating a culture of consent and respect in the US Military. People rave about what a lasting impact he has, both through his unique approach and how he leaves each person with specific skill sets they can implement immediately into their own lives.

While Mike became known for originally founding and growing The DATE SAFE Project (an organization focused on creating a Culture of Respect), his mission for wanting to help others uncover “aha moments” turned into a work of passion in creating the “AHA Center” — a brand new online community specifically for speakers and trainers. Find out more at TheAHAcenter.com

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