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Steve Markman
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It’s the ever-present question: How do I get more engagements?

Wouldn’t it be great to hear the advice from an insider — someone who has hired speakers for huge conferences, as well as sold speaker services as a bureau? He’ll give you the scoop from both perspectives. How do you find events where you’d be a great fit? How do you find the buyer and contact him/her so your message gets read? What would make you more attractive to a decision maker? What can you do to stand out from the others being considered?

There are nuances that can either turn a buyer off, or cause him/her to reach out to you — and ideally only you. What are those details in your approach that are compelling?

Then, once you’re hired, how do you leverage speaking opportunities to sell more of your products/services? And how do you ensure your presentations aren’t stale and outdated?

With 30 years of experience in the speaker/conference industry, Steve has built a speaker agency used by professional speakers, authors, corporate executives, and associations. He shares what he’s learned from being a conference organizer and a speaker provider that you can apply to your business.

In this program you will learn how to:

  • research and identify the “right” speaking opportunities — and how to reach the decision-makers
  • stand out from the crowd of other paid speakers
  • submit eye-catching proposals to the event organizers — the formal and informal processes
  • leverage speaking engagement to create leads for your products or services

More about our guest expert:

Steve Markman is Founder and President of Markman Speaker Management (MSM), a speaker agency established in 1994. Clients benefit from Steve’s more than 30 years of experience and first-hand knowledge of the inner workings of the conference, event, and speaker business. MSM’s Speakers Bureau division is used internationally by companies, associations, colleges and universities, and other organizations seeking keynote and featured speakers. By working with hundreds of speakers, thought leaders, and sports figures, Steve has gained insights into a wide range of subjects, businesses, and industries, enabling him to leverage this knowledge to help clients and speakers alike.

Steve’s one-on-one coaching service assists speakers just getting started as well as experienced speakers looking to take their speaker career to the next level.

Prior to launching MSM, Steve directed conference divisions for some of the world’s leading conference organizations, including COMDEX, The Conference Board, and Giga Information Group.

Steve is referenced as a source in the book, Speak Like a CEO and has contributed to chapters in two books, The Expert’s Edge: Become the Go-To Authority That Everybody Turns To and The Speaker’s Edge: The Ultimate Go-To Guide for Locating and Landing Lots of Speaking Gigs.

Steve was the founder of the New England chapter of the Professional Marketing Forum and is the former Co-Chair of the Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG), Boston Chapter. He is a member of Meeting Professionals International and the American Society of Association Executives.


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