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Advanced LinkedIn Techniques
to Bring You More Business:
What Most Speakers Are Missing

Jennifer DarlingGuest Expert:

Jennifer Darling
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The Program:

You have a presence on LinkedIn, keep your profile up to date, post articles or status updates occasionally, and periodically accept connection requests. You know there is much more you can do, but don’t really know LinkedIn well enough to know what will give you the biggest return on your time.

Speaking of time, you don’t have time to watch multiple videos in the hope of gleaning what will work best for speakers, coaches and consultants. So you’re in luck — Jennifer has reviewed over 200 speakers’ LinkedIn profiles and has seen some common mistakes. Of course, she shares how to avoid these and how to fix them if you have have made them.

You’ll learn why LinkedIn is different (and better for your speaking, coaching and consulting business) than Facebook or Twitter and why having the right words in your profile is critical to businesses. You’ll learn how to take advantage of LinkedIn’s publishing tool which is phenomenal for making it possible for your blogs to be seen beyond your immediate connections, around the world in the business community, and searchable on Google, Yahoo and Bing. And, you’ll get tips on how to measure your Social Selling Index to ensure you’re maximizing your social power and measure your presence.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • avoid the four biggest mistakes speakers make
  • make your connection request so compelling strangers accept
  • use advanced search functions to pinpoint decision makers
  • post articles instead of status updates
  • learn and improve your social selling score
  • mine business periodicals to find and reach out to connections

More about our guest expert:

Jennifer Darling has been in sales and sales management her entire professional career. She went from corporate sales manager at media giants Comcast, NBC, and FOX to building her own successful business as a professional speaker and entrepreneur. LinkedIn has been a significant factor in her success; she’s had over 10,000 views of her LinkedIn articles including one article that generated over 6,000 views worldwide, thousands of views of her LinkedIn videos, and generated over 10,000 views of shared updates all with the power of the free version of LinkedIn.

She is a member of the National Speakers Association, a Distinguished Toastmaster and a Jeffrey Gitomer Certified Advisor. (Gitomer is the author of The Sales Bible and many other NYT Best Sellers).

darlingcoaching.com | linkedin.com/in/darlingcoaching

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