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From Telling to Teaching:
Transform Your Keynote to Training
for More Sales

Courtney RamseyGuest Expert:

Courtney Ramsey
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The Program:

As you exit the stage from your signature keynote, your client excitedly asks, “What else do you offer? We’d love to have you back!” Great. Now’s the perfect time to offer your training program.

What? Don’t have one? Courtney’s program can help you fix that.

Some speakers think, “I’ll just talk longer” to make it a training. That’s not how training works. Training and keynotes have different designs and delivery styles. You need to be a good presenter for both, but the best trainers know how to make the audience the star.

In this session, you will learn the basics of creating a custom training course. We’ll skip the basic adult learning concepts and presentation pointers and jump right into the good stuff: setting your learning objectives, creating unique activities from scratch, and setting up the flow of any session so your audience stays engaged. You’ll walk away knowing how to turn your keynote into a training session.

In this program, you will learn to:

  • differentiate the objectives of your keynote from your training course
  • create behavior-based learning objectives that help sell your course
  • develop activities based on your keynote content to make your course memorable
  • format your course so participants stay engaged and learn new skills

More about our guest expert:

With over 15 years of experience in corporate Learning & Development / Human Resources, Courtney Ramsey knows about changing behaviors. She delivers experiential keynotes and training that impact business results and inspire the audience.

Courtney specializes in creating and facilitating training programs that empower and motivate audiences. She’s known for seeing the root cause of a skill gap and filling it. She finds ways to get the audience involved and in motion, giving them an experience they’ll remember and actions they can immediately implement in their professional lives.


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