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SpeakerSavvy: Wisdom from the Dark Side
(A Bureau Owner Comes Clean)

Bronwyn HeskethGuest Expert:

Bronwyn Hesketh
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The Program:

You’ve got a great talk — funny, insightful, with useful information. Yet your phone isn’t ringing off the hook. You’d love someone who hears candid client feedback tell you what makes good talks get booked more.

That someone is a bureau owner willing to share what clients tell her after the speaker has left. She’s heard the good and bad. She knows what will get that speaker booked again with a steady stream of referrals. And what the speaker did before, during, and after the talk that will ensure the client never hires him/her again.

Do you want to know what she knows? Of course you do! Bronwyn tells you what speakers (collectively, not by name, of course) do that makes them the perfect speaker, and what to avoid to not be the one who never gets booked again.

Also, she finds many speakers are confused about what bureaus will and won’t do for you, so she clarifies that. Plus, she tells the truth about showcases and how to make these pay off for you.

In this program you will learn:

  • what makes a salable talk
  • how to be the perfect speaker to work with
  • what a bureau will and won’t do for you
  • the truth about showcases
  • the best way to approach bureaus
  • trends in the speaking industry

More about our guest expert:

With nearly 2 decades of experience with the South African speaking industry, Bronwyn heads up one of the country’s leading speaker agencies, Speakers Inc.

She is a founding member and served on the board of the Professional Speakers Association of South Africa, and is a member of the International Association of Speaker Bureaus.


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