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Convert Your In-Presentation Lead Magnets
into Massive Sales

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Juliet Clark
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The Program:

You speak to serve your tribe. You offer lead magnets (texts to get special reports, ebooks, etc.) from stage. How are these paying off for you? Not so much? If you’re not having many conversations, Juliet has a brilliant system that has increased speakers’ conversation rate substantially.

The most effective way to serve your followers is to know who they are, what they want and need, then to adjust your language to create more connection and relationships that lead to sales. Most freebies do not give you any information about your consumers, or lead potential clients into relationships that result in high-ticket sales. It is important to understand who you are speaking to, and create one-on-one personal connections to establish trust.

In this program, you will learn:

  • 6 reasons people purchase and where your tribe fits this model
  • why digital marketing alone doesn’t work, and what combination of methods works best
  • why Assessment Marketing establishes you as an expert who is here to serve, not sell
  • how self-reflective processes build trust and sales without feeling sales-y
  • why an assessment as a lead magnet creates knowledge for you to build sustainable offers

More about our guest expert:

Juliet Clark is a marketing and assessment expert who has worked in both the traditional publishing and advertising worlds. After working on the Nissan Regional account at Chiat/ Day advertising and at Mattel Toys, she noticed that the small business and solopreneur world was missing some key knowledge about their client personas and how to best serve them. Most of these entrepreneurs had great ideas but were not validating their audiences or their products. The result was that sales were not meeting expectations. These business people had the wrong product in front of the right audience or a good product in front of the wrong audience. Assessing, prequalifying leads, and making ethical offers based on serving your potential clients where they are at, not where you think they are at is the key to maximizing sales. She now serves authors, coaches, speakers, and small businesses in refining their avatars and creating relationships with the right audiences through assessment marketing.

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