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Tap the Millions of Dollars
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Joon Han
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The Program:

Did you know that right now there are two seemingly unlimited piles of cash that Fortune 500 companies are trying to spend every year? Why do these funds exist, and more importantly, what do they have to do with you?

In this fascinating conversation, hear how Joon has given paid speaking engagements by a Fortune 20 company for over three years. He shares the quirky origin story as well as what can be repeated by all of us to access these massive and largely untapped millions of dollars in funds.

You will learn:

  • What Fortune 500 decision-makers are (and are not!) looking for in a professional speaker.
  • The two largely hidden piles of money that Fortune 500 uses for its marketing.
  • Three things you can do today to put yourself in the running to access this unique funding.

Note: Joon Han has a service that helps podcasters find experts to interview. He is making available to SpeakerNet News members a special offer to make your name and credentials visible to podcasters, so they can contact you for interviews. See the special offer here.

More about our guest expert:

Leading strategist Joon S. Han has been captivating audiences as a professional speaker since he was sixteen years old and his TEDx talk “Get Ahead by Giving Back” continues to inspire, challenge and equip leaders around the world. His passion is to help at least ten thousand entrepreneurs a year to change the world with their accelerated success by growing from being busy to very effective.

Since retiring from active client work years ago, Joon mentors as many social entrepreneurs as he can fit into his schedule these days. And although he leads five companies and three nonprofit organizations, he gladly spends most of his time as the lead parent of his family (e.g., shuttling the kids to and fro in the minivan, co-president of the PTA, field trips and grocery shopping - woohoo!).

His newest company, AwesomeGuests.com, helps brilliant people shed the “best-kept secret” label by dramatically growing their reach and influence.

Joon enjoys the magicianship of Penn and Teller™ and his pet peeves are when people say, “could care less” instead of “couldn’t” and when someone speaks on leadership when they’ve never led anything in their life. Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn and ask him any questions in advance of this eye-opening and practical presentation/gathering.

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