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Apply Spellbinding TV and Movie Techniques
to Your Keynotes

Bill StaintonGuest Expert:

Bill Stainton, CSP, CPAE
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The Program:

Think of a memorable movie or TV show. How long ago did you see it — weeks, months, or even years ago? Most likely. Those involved in the creation of that work knew what it takes to sear it in your memory. You want your speech to not only inform and entertain, but to be as memorable as that show or movie.

How? What do speeches and entertainment have in common? What can you learn from those who know how to create memorability?

Every great keynote is built on a great foundation — a structure that moves the keynote forward, like a great TV show or movie. And great keynote structure doesn’t happen by chance; you have to think like a producer. You have to craft your keynote the way a television producer crafts a TV show.

Bill Stainton is a multiple-Emmy Award winning TV producer, and a Hall of Fame speaker. In this program, he shares the secrets, the strategies, and the insights he learned from 20 years in the TV world. If you want to create a keynote that audiences will remember and meeting planners and audience members will talk about, you need to hear what he has to say!

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • what the MAM is, and why it’s the cornerstone of your keynote
  • how “bathroom blockers” can keep your audiences on the edge of their seats
  • why being a great bus driver will help your audience focus on your message
  • how to build the body of your keynote in a compelling way
  • why the open and close are the most important parts of your keynote — and a cool technique for crafting them

More about our guest expert:

Bill Stainton, CSP, CPAE Hall of Fame speaker, has won 29 Emmy Awards for his work as a television producer, writer, and performer. He applies the lessons and strategies he learned from working alongside people like Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Ellen DeGeneres to his keynote programs on Innovation, Creativity, and Breakthrough Thinking.


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