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From Keynote to Broadway(ish):
How to Create Your One-Person Show

Merit KahnGuest Expert:

Merit Kahn, CSP
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Please note: The phone connection with Merit broke up several times during the call, so you’ll miss some of the words. Most people can fill in the blanks, but if you are unhappy with the quality, contact us for a substitute recording or a refund.


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The Program:

A strong keynote and an entertaining one-person show have a lot in common: stories, compelling message, humor, entertainment, inspiration. Many speakers have funny or poignant stories that just don’t fit with their corporate content. A one-person show would allow you to express parts of your philosophy, personality and life that can’t be shoehorned into a business talk.

If you’ve ever pondered performing a one-person show, you don’t want to miss this teleseminar. Merit discusses these questions and more: How could you turn your keynote into a theatrical performance? How is crafting a piece of theater similar and different from crafting a keynote? How much time and money would it take? What’s the possibility of monetizing the show?

Merit created a one-woman show to celebrate her 50th birthday, performing it in a sold-out, 175-seat theater. In this teleseminar, she reverse engineers what made the show successful and how to bring more performance to your keynote — or create a one-person show that inspires like your keynote.

You will learn:

  • how to create a structure for your one-person show
  • a realistic timeline from start to finish
  • a laundry list of things I wish I knew before, during and after the show
  • who you will need on your team
  • what is possible after your performance
  • how to monetize your show

More about our guest expert:

As a child, Merit Kahn, CSP, loved to perform on stage acting, on the football field cheerleading and at any gathering of 2 or more just making people laugh. She has been speaking and training professionally since 1998 on sales topics and started performing stand-up comedy in 2014. To celebrate her 50th birthday she rented a theater, sold out 175 tickets and performed an original one-woman comedy show about her five decades of life. The idea started as a simple stand-up comedy show, 50 minutes for her 50th birthday, but it turned into what several in the audience described as “a Broadway quality performance” including a printed Playbill, an opening dance, costumes, set and props. Turns out her passion project was more inspiring than any keynote she’s given in her entire career.

Merit is a sales and sales mindset expert who has been working with entrepreneurs and businesses for more than two decades to increase sales by expanding what is possible in their sales mindset and then backing up new beliefs with proven sales skills and action plans. She is certified in Emotional Intelligence, author of Myth Shift: Challenging the Truths that Sabotage Success and creator of The Merit Method for Sales Mastery, a 2-day intensive experience with a year of support that will change your beliefs about sales and bank account from sales forever.


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