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Coloring Outside the Lines™:
Ideas for Making More Money
in This Crazy Business

Jeff TobeGuest Expert:

Jeff Tobe, CSP
(About Jeff)

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The Program:

Out-thinking vs. outspending the competition is the key to any entrepreneurial business’ success. This high-content session examines a simple but comprehensive approach to earning passive income in the speaking/training business.

Most competent professionals haven’t tried to market their services, products or themselves in any creative way to set themselves apart from the competition. We’ll address ways to establish income streams to augment your speaking — without spending a lot of money.

This session gives speaking professionals the tools you require to bridge the gap between your creative ideas and actually securing more business and more income.

You will understand how to:

  • increase income from an existing book(s), whether it’s yours or another author’s
  • be increasingly more creative in generating passive income
  • generate revenue every month from sponsored webinars
  • utilize creative marketing techniques that get you recognized in the marketplace
  • be more creative in your products
  • use video marketing effectively
  • make money with very little effort

More about our guest expert:

Jeff is the Primary Colorer at Coloring Outside the Lines in Pittsburgh, PA. He has been a frequent presenter at NSA and many of the chapters around the country. Jeff grew his speaking and training business to a six-figure income in his first two years in the business and he credits his outside-the-lines marketing approach for his success. Now, Jeff's focus is on keynoting with some training and consulting thrown in. He continues to color outside the lines by consistently trying new marketing approaches in this industry.

Jeff is the author of the wildly popular book, Coloring Outside the Lines, which is illustrated by his 8-year-old daughter (another successful marketing ploy). He is the co-author of ANTICIPATE: Knowing What Customers Need Before They Do!


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