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Transform Your Business
with a $400/Month Employee:
How to Outsource Operational Tasks
to Assistants Abroad

Nate WoodburyGuest Expert:

Nate Woodbury
(About Nate)

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The Program:

You are overwhelmed with administrivia — updating your website, posting to your blog and social media, creating memes, updating slides, editing videos, writing promo copy, bookkeeping, sending materials to prospects and clients. You’re best when working with clients and giving presentations, not slogging through back office work.

You’d love to find dependable, high-quality, inexpensive help. You’ve tried Upwork, Fiverr and other outsourcing resources, but have been disappointed that the people you’ve engaged are unresponsive, have too many mistakes or charge more than you’d like.

Nate has created a streamlined plan to quickly find, vet, hire and work with smart assistants from the Philippines. He’s hired full-time, high-quality, educated, articulate English speakers for as little as $400/month.

You will learn how to:

  • Define your needs so you can accurately recuit good people
  • Find quality people who can do what they say they can
  • Vet them to ensure they will do a good job
  • Manage them from afar
  • Determine a fair wage and pay them

More about our guest expert:

Nate Woodbury is a YouTube producer with a passion for entrepreneurship. He specializes in helping others get more results with better efficiency, and less time. He’s been hiring people in the Philippines for 10 years, currently with at team of 16.


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