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Serving the People Who Serve Us:
The Pros and Cons of Government Contracting

Jan CarothersGuest Expert:

Jan Carothers
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The Program:

Most speakers, trainers and consultants want to have a huge impact on their client organizations. What if you could positively impact how well cities, counties, state and even federal government agencies run? You could influence communication, leadership, and service excellence at many levels of government and help to transform their citizens’ experience.

You can volunteer in your community, of course! But you can also get paid for your professional skills serving the elected officials and professional staffs in local, state, regional and national government.

You may have heard government isn’t worth the time, because they don’t pay as much as private industry. Yet many professionals make good money and gain valuable personal benefit from serving government clients.

As in every target market, there are trade-offs. Pros as well as cons. Hear from someone who has built the regional public sector into valuable part of her practice. Be fully informed on what’s possible, before you reject the idea of working with government agencies — or with companies who sell to them.

In this program, you will learn:

  • why consider serving government clients
  • what are the positives and negatives
  • how you can increase your local government and community sector business
  • what will make you desirable for them to engage
  • what kinds of services local governments typically need
  • how you get notified of upcoming projects and how to apply
  • what are some common selection criteria and formulas
  • common faux pas when delivering your services
  • fee considerations and getting paid
  • getting good contracts from related organizations and businesses

More about our guest expert:

Jan Carothers, CPC, began her speaking, coaching, training, and facilitation firm, Carothers, Bornefeld and Associates, Inc., in 1987. She serves local government, community organizations and business clients, with programs to elevate their leadership, communication and customer service results. She facilitates team building, planning, and decision-making events and for 15 years she’s served on the League of Oregon Cities faculty.

She is a 27-year member of the National Speakers Association and a founding member of NSA Oregon, is a past chapter president and was twice honored as Member of the Year. Currently, executives, community leaders and professional speakers engage Jan as their speaking coach to support them in creating and delivering winning performances in their high-stakes speaking and presenting challenges.

As a corporate recruiter, she earned the designation Certified Personnel Consultant, awarded by the National Association of Personnel Consultants. Jan encourages and supports all her clients to “Carry the Torch” to produce results worth celebrating!

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