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Sell Beaucoup Books with Sponsorship

Charmaine HammondGuest Expert:

Charmaine Hammond, CSP
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The Program:

You’ve marketed your book(s) to your mailing list, social media contacts, clients, and before and after your talks, and moved some books. You’ve done a slew of media interviews — perhaps even hiring a publicist — to yield few book sales. You’ve sold tens of books at book signing. You’ve run out of ideas.

Have you tried getting sponsorships? Sponsors can not only buy quantities of books, but can sponsor other elements of your book promotion. Charmaine has found sponsors for book-related clothing, printing, marketing and even a 32-foot motor home for her book tour.

Additionally, she shares why supporting a charitable cause can help you attract sponsors, creating a triple win.

Charmaine shares practical steps that work you can put into action immediately.

You will learn how to:

  • use sponsorship to help you create profitable book (and speaking) events, launches and tours
  • avoid rookie mistakes
  • double your book sales at events through collaboration and sponsorship
  • partner with one key group can help you attract sponsors
  • apply the 3 most important things to do so you are closer to a yes

More about our guest expert:

Charmaine Hammond, CSP is a bestselling author of five books and is featured in eight others. Sponsorship and collaboration have been instrumental in helping her get her books’ messages into the hands of readers around the world. Her approach has helped her and her clients double book sales at launches and events and have partially funded book tours. Her six-week, 10,000-mile book and speaking tour was funded through collaborations and partners/sponsors.

Charmaine has sat on all four sides of the sponsorship table, has interviewed many brands, and has secured sponsorship for herself as well as supporting her clients to do the same for their projects, including their books. Her company Raise a Dream teaches authors and speakers how the process of collaboration works and how to secure partners and sponsors.


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