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Diversify and Maximize Your Business
with Micro-Products

Julie HolmesGuest Expert:

Julie Holmes
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The Program:

Ready for a revenue stream that runs on autopilot? What if you could package your expertise and awesomeness into bite-sized pieces that sell big? Welcome to world of micro products.

Micro-products are an easy way to monetize your influence and expertise. Plus, they allow you to diversify your revenue streams. Would you rather have a $100 product or $1000 product? You might be waving your hand for that bigger number but, let’s do the math. Imagine you sell 100 of the $100 products and only 1 of the $1000 products. See how the numbers add up? That’s the power of a micro-product!

Learn the specific steps to identify and create microproducts that will provide lots of no-work revenue. Julie’s crafted a repeatable process for micro-product creation and sales — and she shares it with you.

Walk away with new ideas, new hope, new revenue streams and new products to offer your current and future customers.

You will learn to:

  • Master the micro product: what they are and why you need them
  • Understand why you should be focused on PAIN instead of PROBLEMS
  • Find your product inspirations with the 5 Creator Questions

More about our guest expert:

Julie Holmes is a serial inventor and international keynote speaker (Fellow-PSAUKI) who has created and launched awesome apps (like a speaker-focused CRM system), tiny tech (heard of Hey Mic!?), and delightful digital products with clever customers in over 50 countries. In her pre-speaker life, Julie spent 20 years designing and launching enterprise software products to companies big and small.

When she isn’t building out cool new products, she travels the world (and the Internet) helping entrepreneurs and companies to innovate and embrace technology so that they can build the businesses they’ve always dreamed about.


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