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Expanding and Prospering
with Your Facebook Tribe

PegineGuest Expert:

Pegine, MSW, CSP, CVP
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Even if you have bazillions of Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn followers, you may not completely appreciate the power of building a Facebook following for your speaking business. Something magical can happen in your own Facebook groups that allows you to build a connection different — and some say more powerful — than other social media platforms. There is power in the tribe.

You can monetize that magic by offering products and services your group members tell you they want and are willing to pay for.

But how do you attract the right group members, then convert them to paying customers? This is the ongoing question for many speakers and thought leaders. There’s a unique strategy that works on Facebook.

And how do you keep members feeling their time and money are a good investment? What do you have to do — and not do — to keep them loyal fans?

Pegine shares her formula for turning Facebook groups into profit centers.

You will learn:

  • how to shift your perspective of tribe engagement.
  • five tips for developing a powerful tribe by knowing how to be magnetic in the Facebook world.
  • insights into the power of Facebook memberships that build raving fans and recurring income.
  • what makes high Facebook engagement.
  • how to be valuable in a Facebook environment.
  • the business of Facebook groups — how much time and money you need to put in to start and run profitable Facebook groups.

More about our guest expert:

Pegine leads several focused Facebook groups of over 600+ members each. She’s mastered the art of building Facebook fans and tribes. Every week, she receives 15 to 20 requests wanting to join her groups and selects only one a week. She’s figured out the formula for turning these groups into profit centers.

She is also in the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame, Hispanic Speakers Hall of Fame, and named as one of 100 Thought Leaders on Diversity and Inclusion by the Society of Human Resources Management. Founder of Power Women Worldwide.

She is feisty, fearless, focused, and fun!


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