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How to Energize, Inspire, and Engage
Your Online Audiences

Warwick MerryGuest Expert:

Warwick Merry CSP, CVP
(About Warwick)

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The Program:

Your audiences are expecting dull and boring online events because that is what they are used to. They are suffering Zoom fatigue before they even get online. Even the term “online event” triggers a massive eye roll!

So how can you get them excited about your content, and your presentation, and present in a way that blows their socks off?

We want engagement that goes beyond “Here’s a poll,” or “Put your city in the chat.”

Your on-stage magnificence does not always translate to a small screen. In person, you have them in the palm of your hand with your stagecraft, storytelling, and body language. Now it’s so much harder to keep them engaged through a camera and screen.

Your attendees want more. They demand more! So you have to give more, even with less energy reflected back from them.

How can you get better so your session leaves them wanting more, a little heartbroken that it is over, and searching for ways to have you present again?

You know enough about lights, sound and composition. This session is all about how you really shine online.

Warwick shares some of his favorite little-known tips, tools, and processes. As an online host and producer Warwick knows what it takes to get your audience on your side, energized and engaged.

You will learn:

  • fantastic engagement techniques
  • tremendous techniques to energize your audience
  • fabulous free tools to add to your session without their being a distraction
  • the power of amplified authenticity
  • and some additional Zoom shortcuts and secrets

More about our guest expert:

Warwick Merry is the first male worldwide to be a Certified Virtual Presenter with Power Women Worldwide. He is producing events across Asia, the Americas and Australasia, and he seems to always have fun as he does it.


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