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Put Your Best Voice Forward:
Secrets from a Voice-Over Artist
to Up-Level Your Webcasts, Podcasts,
Videos and Recorded Books

Grant HolmesGuest Expert:

Grant Holmes
(About Grant)

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Webcast video:

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The Program:

You’ve heard that audio is more important than video for virtual presentations. You’ve also heard that audio book sales are significantly rising, so want to record your book(s). Plus, you’ve started (or are considering starting) a podcast. In a vast sea of professionals, you can’t sound like an amateur. You’re a professional speaker. You need to sound like a professional in your audio presentation!

The common thread in all these is your recorded voice has become much more important now than it has been in the past. Yet even high-paid, veteran speakers are making some easily avoided mistakes.

You want to up your game. Not just with tweaking your equipment and space with low-cost additions, but by ensuring your recorded voice projects the warmth, competence and personality that sets you apart in person.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to improve your recording space with minimal cost
  • The minimum mic you need for quality sound, including how and when to “step up”
  • Free audio editing software
  • How to ensure your voice is ready to project your best
  • How to determine if you need a coach
  • How to prepare your content so you aren’t winging it
  • When to hire recording industry professionals

More about our guest expert:

A former speaker with over 25 years of marketing, stage and other vocal production experience, Grant Holmes helps others amp up the vocals for podcasts, YouTube content, audio books, and meditations. Grant has worked as a professional speaker, created effective websites for many industries, including speakers, and he writes, produces, and voice-overs commercial work, including sizzle reels for others. Grant’s superpower is making you look and sound good. One industry professional calls Grant her “muse.”


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