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Post-Pandemic Speaking:
What You Need to Know to Thrive

Mike TaublebGuest Expert:

Mike Taubleb, Speaker Bureau Owner
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The Program:

Some speakers have fared well during the pandemic. Others have seen revenues plummet.

Even though some in-person meetings are returning, many more will be hybrid, or continue only virtually. What are ways you can increase your bookings — and fees — as we move forward? Do you know what planners want now and in the foreseeable future?

New formats, follow-up sessions, and pre-recorded presentations are on the rise. Do you know what they are so you can offer them to your prospects? What are speakers charging (and getting) for different delivery formats? What are audience’s expectations about speakers’ slides, A/V sophistication, and interactivity? How much rehearsal and promotional support do clients expect? How flexible will you need to be with force majeure? Can you change more if your production values are higher than most?

As the owner of Promenade Speakers Bureau, Mike has been listening closely to his clients. He’s amassed knowledge of what they want — and don’t want — as we transition into a post-pandemic climate. Equally important, Mike’s also tracked trends from fellow bureau owners, a global expert network across several industries, as well as futurists, academia and business writers.

In this session, you will learn:

  • how to position yourself for virtual engagements
  • what bureaus expect
  • how elevated demand for diversity is creating new opportunities
  • what corporate, association and bureau clients expect for your content and interactive capabilities
  • new(ish) formats you can charge for, e.g., fireside chats, assessments, pre-recorded presentations, shorter time slots (think TED), executive coaching, extended learning
  • what you need to change in your contract
  • hot topics
  • what kinds of speakers are losing their appeal
  • key issues still in flux

More about our guest expert:

Mike Taubleb has run New York City-based Promenade Speakers for over 15 years. He specializes in healthcare, insurance, technology, retail and financial services corporate and association clients. A non-exclusive broker, Promenade is known for objective, easy-to-understand, custom-ranked recommendations. He’s a regular contributor to meeting industry publications and has 2,500+ LinkedIn followers.


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