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Craft a Compelling Visual Story
with Images Unique to You

John DeMatoGuest Expert:

John DeMato
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The Program:

Is your website and slide deck full of stock photos?
Is your social media content not getting any traction?
Do your photos complement the stories you share with your audience?
Are you effectively leveraging your photos to promote your services?
Do you even recognize yourself in the photos you’re using online?

You’ve used stock photos because it’s easy, but now you’re seeing others use the same (or similar) ones from the same source. You know how important it is as a thought leader to stand out as a unique voice. But you’re not looking unique anymore and you’re concerned the images you’re using on your website, in social media, in your slides, are detracting from your credibility.

Even your posed, studio publicity shots are seeming tired. How long ago did you wear your hair like that? And how many pounds lost or gained?

Your photos need to reflect what you want to telegraph, whether they are head shots, action shots or even “just thinking” shots. You want all the images you use to tell a compelling story related to your brand. The goal is to spark some interest in finding out more — to start a conversation.

Figuring out an effective image content strategy that creates attention, leads to more conversations, and generates more business is a challenge. John offers the insights to help speakers position themselves as the go-to subject matter experts in their spaces.

While posting a flattering headshot is a good starting point, John sheds light on the types of photos that develop a meaningful and powerful emotional connection with those you serve.

You will learn:

  • How stock photos hurt your business and brand
  • How to position yourself as the authority in your space of expertise
  • How your photos contribute to building relationships with those you serve
  • How to qualify photographers before your next photo session
  • The do’s and don’ts when posing in front of the camera
  • The need for visual variety throughout your online presence
  • The importance of visually punctuating the sentiment of every story you share online

More about our guest expert:

John DeMato is a photographer and visual story expert who collaborates with speakers, trainers, consultants and other expert business owners to create image content that captures their audience’s attention through artistry and emotion.

John isn’t simply a photographer — he thinks like a marketer. He sets clients up for success beyond the photo sessions by educating them on how to leverage their portraits, book images, virtual and live event photos across their entire online presence.

A former television producer, John has spent over 20 years behind a camera, and has been featured as a photographer expert on several NBC Universal daytime and reality shows.


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