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Get Experiential! Design Trainings That Transform

Amy ClimerGuest Expert:

Amy Climer, PhD, CSP
(About Amy)

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The Program:

Did you know that many of the highest-earning speakers also offer training? And their training revenue often earns more than their speaking? They’ve learned that effective training can be a lucrative income stream.

So why don’t more speakers offer training? Perhaps they don’t know how to design effective training. It’s not that easy. Effective training teaches in a way that deepens learning and leads to transformation. It’s interactive, engaging, and experiential. However, even those who have been training for years don’t necessarily know how to make it experiential. Some lecture for hours, thinking Q&A equals interactive.

Amy is a master at designing and delivering transformational training. No matter how long you’ve been training, in this session, you’ll hear ideas to up-level your training programs.

You will learn:

  • ideas for designing experiential trainings
  • how adults actually learn (hint: it is not about giving them more info)
  • common mistakes speakers make when designing trainings

More about our guest expert:

Dr. Amy Climer, CSP, is an award-winning experiential educator, known for delivering top-notch training programs. She teaches teams and organizations to be more creative and innovate on demand. Amy is host of The Deliberate Creative™ podcast and designer of Climer Cards, a physical and virtual creativity and teambuilding tool used to deepen conversations and generate ideas. Amy holds a PhD in Leadership and Change. She lives in Asheville, NC. Learn more about Amy and her work at climerconsulting.com

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