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How to Get and Manage Corporate Retainers
for Large Ongoing Monthly Payments

Brenda BenceGuest Expert:

Brenda Bence, MBA, CSP
(About Brenda)

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The Program:

You love the good-sized payments from your speaking and training clients, but what if you could generate regular, additional income from them every month? How do you shift to a retainer relationship with your clients, like many attorneys and some consultants do? How do you approach the topic and explain how it would benefit your clients?

Once clients know the benefits, they love having access to you without concern of being billed for conversations or certain services. Retainer agreements are also a great way to earn income without the need to be on the road. Plus, corporate clients will keep you on retainer longer than you might imagine.

Brenda has negotiated retainers from her clients for many years to create a perennial source of income. She shares the nuances of how to create a relationship that keeps both your clients and you happy for many years.

You will learn:

  • how to approach the discussion of exploring retainers with clients
  • when to use a retainer and when not to — e.g., situations where retainers are appropriate and situations when other alternatives might be a better solution — and how to tell the difference
  • the nature of retainers — what’s covered, what’s not
  • what to cover in your retainer agreement
  • the ongoing retainers management system you need to stay on top of them
  • the cadence of customer communication around retainers (doing this well almost always results in ongoing retainer fees)
  • how to charge for retainers

More about our guest expert:

Brenda Bence, MBA, CSP has spent her career focusing on branding and leadership, and how the two work together. After 20 years building mega brands for Fortune 100 consumer giants, Brenda started her own business to help companies and executives define and build their own powerful leadership brands.

Now sought-after across six continents as a keynote speaker and executive leadership coach, Brenda has coached over 1,000 leaders from 60 nationalities and 70 industries and is trusted by dozens of the world’s largest corporations. Earlier this year, Brenda released her 11th book, The Forgotten Choice: Shift Your Inner Mindset, Shape Your Outer World, to critical acclaim.


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