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How to Write Authentic, Persuasive
Marketing Messages
That Convert Readers to Buyers

David MuntnerGuest Expert:

David Muntner
(About David)

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The Program:

Speakers know how to be persuasive from the platform. So why do they fail at writing persuasively for their websites, program descriptions, and marketing materials? Even if they understand their target market’s desires and fears, they don’t craft their messages to address these. It’s so common, it would be laughable if it weren’t sad.

We are different from those selling tangibles or industrial goods. We are selling *us* and our services. Most marketing advice is absolutely useless for speakers.

You want to avoid common mistakes speakers make in writing persuasive copy, as well as what to integrate. And you want to avoid at all costs being smarmy. You want to maintain your integrity and class. You want authentic marketing copy that converts to new business.

In this session, you will get laser-targeted messaging strategies from the copywriter who’s worked with many leaders in the speaking industry. This session is absolutely for you if you are ready to up-level your branding, positioning or messaging to unlock greater interest, intrigue, and revenue!

You will learn:

  • how to write offers, sales pages, and video scripts that connect with the “deep desires” of your target market and effectively sell your solution
  • why most sales copy fails and how to avoid the most obvious mistake nearly everyone makes
  • why most marketing advice is absolutely useless for speakers (and will actually harm your relationship with your market)
  • how to write with integrity as well as persuasively and powerfully

More about our guest expert:

David Muntner is known as a “messaging maestro,” having written copy for and supported over 100 different business owners, including Lewis Howes, Joe Polish, and Cameron Herald.

In 2020, Dave founded Renaissance Messaging, a collective of curiosity-driven copywriters, aka Renaissance men and women, to offer radically different and more effective marketing strategies based on truth and authenticity. He also co-created a course with copywriting legend Yanik Silver called “Evolved Expression,” which teaches authentic, transparent, and vulnerable copy that converts.


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