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Norm HullGuest Expert:

Norm Hull, CSP
(About Norm)

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The Program:

Have you ever thought:

  • I’m tired of chasing the few available convention-speaking slots.
  • The travel is wearisome, and the constant grind away from home is exhausting. I’m missing out on family life.
  • Even when the money and big crowds are great, it gets old. I know I could have a bigger impact.
  • Could I make good money by offering a weekend retreat in my own area (or virtually) — even if only once or twice a year?
  • If I were in charge of this event, I’d provide higher value, and I’d make so much money!
  • I’d love to have more control over my income stream and not be dependent on an event planner.

Would you like to expand your tribe and provide an additional outlet for your material and skills? Imagine the fans you create can (and will!) to participate in more in-depth programs and work with you at a more profound level.

Honing the skill to produce your own multi-day programs enables you to create events that meet the needs of the changing market.

Meeting planners may one day consider you too old or too expensive, or decide professional speakers are expendable. Sponsoring your own events enhances your credibility, showcases your value, and raises your visibility in your industry.

The most attractive benefit it provides is Freedom — and we all have different definitions which could include financial, time you control, and the lifestyle you choose.

Norm busts the common fears, myths, and untruths about retreats or multi-day self-produced events.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • overcome the 3 main reasons speakers don’t provide their own public programs
  • find uncommon ideal venues for your events
  • structure your event fee for built-in profit
  • incorporate coaching offers into your program for six-figure revenue

More about our guest expert:

Norm Hull is an Audience Alchemist™ who has worked in the leadership and personal development industry for over 40 years. He uses his voluminous knowledge and experience of enhancing the leadership skills of his audience while incorporating his Alchemy Transformation Model© into his workshops, keynote, and specialized events. Norm creates engaging, interactive, and thought-provoking forums where his audience leaves with enhanced skills, increased knowledge, and a mindset that promotes action and implementation.

Considered an outlier in the speaking industry, Norm created a business model that uses his multi-talents as a speaker and entrepreneur to successfully sponsor his retreats, conferences, and events for the past 30 years. His model has created a long-term speaking career that has sustained him through several industry-shaking events, the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, the 2008 recession, and the pandemic.

He is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) earned by the National Speakers Association and a certified facilitator by Interaction Associates.

Norm is a co-author of several books, including The Highly Paid Expert and his upcoming book, Alchemy: How Your Business Can Use Transformations to Transcend Underwhelming Customer Experiences.

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