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Create a Legal Strategy to Avoid Online Perils

Heather CampbellGuest Expert:

Heather Pearce Campbell, JD
(About Heather)

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The Program:

Are you handling your business legal needs haphazardly — if at all? Would you like ideas on approaching your legal needs strategically, and in the right order, based on your unique business priorities? If not, you’ll be scrambling to get your legal house in order as something comes up — which means you’ll pay more, and likely not think through the best approach.

You may be unknowingly putting yourself and your assets at risk online. You may be not protecting your own intellectual property, or you may be using someone else’s — and opening yourself to a suit, or at minimum, a bill for using their IP.

Heather works with information entrepreneurs and shares best practices to keep you protected.

You will learn:

  • Heather’s “5-Bucket Framework for Business Legal Protection” for small businesses in the United States that are essential for your success
  • one of your most significant legal risks in business and how to protect against it
  • the one thing required to protect your personal assets (and how 60% of entrepreneurs in the US get this wrong!)
  • how to protect your business, content, and intellectual property online

More about our guest expert:

Heather Pearce Campbell is a warrior mama, nature lover, and dedicated attorney and legal coach for world-changing entrepreneurs. Based in Seattle, she is mom to two little, wild munchkins, and founder of Pearce Law PLLC, home to her legal practice. She is also the creator of The Legal Website Warrior®, an online business that provides brand protection, legal education and support to information entrepreneurs (experts, coaches, consultants, online educators, speakers & authors) around the U.S. and the world.

She hoards information, paper, and books while secretly dreaming of becoming a minimalist, and relishes an occasional rare night with her hubby when the kiddos are miraculously asleep and she can soak up HGTV without guilt. Heather is also the host of the Guts, Grit & Great Business™ podcast.


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