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Mushroom Your Speaking Business
by Deepening Your Relationships
Using a Critical, Underutilized Tool

Taylorr PayneGuest Expert:

Taylorr Payne
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The Program:

You know your customers are everything. The relationships you build with them will determine if you succeed, how well you succeed, and how long you succeed.

Relationships come from demonstrating that you care for the prospect/client, and are reliable. While learning as much as you can about the prospects with whom you speak, you need to keep track of that information. As you talk to more prospects, you need to keep track of more and more information. It can seem overwhelming. It can be very challenging doing this on Notes or your own spreadsheets.

You need an easy-to-use system. And one that your current or future staff can access any time.

Perhaps you use a basic CRM (Customer Relationship Management) program. If you have a sophisticated one, it may be hard to use or change. Or it’s expensive. Or you’re using a small fraction of its capabilities that could mushroom your business.

Managing your relationships is critical for you as a speaker. In this masterclass, Taylorr Payne from SpeakerFlow will share some ideas about all things CRM.

You will learn:

  • what a CRM is and how it should be used most effectively
  • the philosophy of a CRM and how to make it the hub to your business
  • what most people do wrong when using a CRM
  • how to build strong relationships using a CRM
  • things you likely didn’t know a CRM could do

More about our guest expert:

Taylorr Payne is the CEO and co-founder of SpeakerFlow — a software and coaching company dedicated to helping thought leaders leverage systems to take control of their business and stop spinning their wheels.

As an award-winning marketer and sales professional, Taylorr’s core philosophy is that systems — the technology, people, and process in your business — are key to your success. If you want a business that’s predictable, one that you have full control over, one that empowers you, and one that continues to grow, systems are the answer.

Taylorr’s a car enthusiast, musician, and extremely left-handed.


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