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Secrets to Making Money as a Podcast Guest

Lou DiamondGuest Expert:

Lou Diamond
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The Program:

You’ve heard how people are making money as podcast hosts.

However, did you know there are numerous ways to earn money and grow your speaking/training/consulting/coaching business as a podcast (and other interview formats) *guest*?

This is genius as you don’t have the grind as a host of finding guests, editing, publishing, etc. You determine the shows whose audiences match your target audience, get booked, then shine as a spectacular guest. You’ll channel those interviews into dollars and skyrocket your career to new heights.

You may think, “Well, of course, I’m already a great guest! I’m an articulate, engaging presenter!” Yes, and being stupendous as a podcast guest requires a different approach. But only if you want to turn your guest appearance into paid business.

Are you willing to practice being a guest clients want to work with? No smarminess required. No constantly saying, “In my book....”

You will learn how to:

  • be a guest the right way before, during & after the episode so your appearance helps grow your speaking business
  • determine which shows you should aim to be on
  • get on those shows
  • fill your calendar at a pace you want
  • bonus (if time permits): How to make money...as a listener!

More about our guest expert:

Lou Diamond is a highly sought-after speaker, connector, leadership and performance mentor, and podcaster. Author of the international bestseller Master the Art of Connecting and CEO of Thrive, Lou has made it his life’s work to help businesses, leaders and brands thrive through the power of connecting. His innovative, connecting tactics have helped hundreds of companies across the globe explode their sales, retain their clients and build a thriving culture.

Lou is a top-rated podcast host on numerous programs, most notably "Thrive LOUD with Lou Diamond." He has also carried over his connecting techniques into the podcasting medium where he has helped top performers, speakers and leaders grow their businesses through podcasting from both sides of the microphone!


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