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The Art of Invitational Selling:
Make Offers from the Stage
That People Rush to Buy

Dennis CumminsGuest Expert:

Dennis Cummins, CSP
(About Dennis)

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The Program:

Speaking is one of the best ways to build reputation and create influence. It’s also one of the best ways to generate sales for your products and services.

Despite these facts, many speakers struggle with promoting themselves and selling from the stage or screen.

In most cases, the inability of a presenter to sell a service, product or an idea, boils down to either lack of confidence and/or lack of skill.

The purpose of this webcast is to help you deliver impactful, exciting and meaningful presentations and sell at the same time without sounding or feeling “salesy.”

It will show you how to build the confidence and develop advanced skills necessary for you to deliver presentations that invite your audiences to buy from you.

In this webcast, you will:

  • learn the key elements of an effective “sales” presentation
  • understand why it is so important that you do sell
  • be able to relax, overcome the fear of public selling
  • learn how to design an invitational call to action
  • know how to sell without feeling or sounding “salesy”

More about our guest expert:

Dr. Dennis Cummins, CSP, is on a mission to take the mystery and the stress out of sales and selling. He is committed to teaching speakers and professionals the science and art of comfortable, confident, shameless self-promotion.

Dennis is an Internationally recognized speaker, bestselling author and sales expert for professional service providers. Since 2008, he has taught over 64,000 people how to build business and become more successful by learning to message their value to their clients. In addition to that, he has personally generated over 68 million dollars in sales from the stage.

In his latest book, Non-Professionally Speaking™, Dennis shows you how to successfully and fearlessly combine the skills of sales and communication to attract better clients, close more sales, and create massive profit.


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