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Mike DomitrzGuest Expert:

Mike Domitrz, CSP
(About Mike)

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The Program:

You may have figured out how to build a successful speaking business. But have you learned how to become a “necessity” not just an expendable “nice to have”? Doing so is what enables truly influential speakers to make the Big Leap Forward in their business.

In this thought-provoking and jam-packed webcast, discover the precise steps and the mindset needed to catapult your speaking business to new levels of impact — from consistently WOWing from stage, to actually proving the impact your presentations have on your audiences’ lives.

You will learn:

  • the biggest mistake speakers make on stage, yet nearly *no* speaker realizes it
  • what the greatest speakers do that rarely is talked about
  • the ultimate lead generation tool for speakers that will allow you to more easily get more engagements
  • a simple technique for creating live virtual keynotes for clients
  • the 3-step formula for creating lifelong impact with every audience

More about our guest expert:

You may have seen Mike Domitrz, CSP quoted in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, or as a featured expert on a Dateline NBC Special.

For three decades, Mike has been one of the most sought-after speakers in the world for addressing sexual consent, respect and reducing sexual violence. As the founder of The Center for Respect, his clients include the US Military, corporations, educational institutions, and some of the country’s most prestigious schools. During the first 12 months of COVID when in-person speaking shut down, Mike continued to stay busy with live virtual presentations throughout the world — giving over 100 paid talks during the pandemic.

As the founder of Peak Impact Speaking, Mike coaches impact-driven entrepreneurs who want to be more amazing from the stage. Mike quickly helps influencers discover their hidden gifts for catapulting their influence on stages (live virtual and on-site). Unlike many coaches who teach formulaic, cookie-cutter systems that make everyone sound alike, Mike ensures your uniqueness shines when you work with him. Entrepreneurs love how Mike amplifies and ignites their stories and their message — all while drawing from their best personal qualities.


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