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How to Be Dramatically More Interactive Virtually

Brian WalterGuest Expert:

Brian Walter, CSP, CPAE
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The Program:

Speaking works *best* when it transforms virtual meeting attendees from content *recipients* into *participants*. In this demo-packed session, Brian shares the barriers to overcome AND many practical-tactical solutions for how you can elevate your audience’s experience when they are staring at their computer screen while you speak.

You will discover how to boost engagement and audience impact, regardless of whether you have been speaking for 2 years or 22 years.

You will learn:

  • How to improve virtual eye contact
  • How to utilize spotlight shout outs
  • Ways to customize game shows
  • Dual Platform Engagement
  • The “Figure It Out Formula” that participants WANT to solve
  • The Content Continuum technique that achieves 100% participation
  • A fast interviewing technique that makes volunteers the heroes
  • And CHAT-TASTIC techniques that engage everyone, every time

Brian shares how to be dramatically more interactive virtually. But be warned, Brian IS a corporate humorist. And he has promised to treat what could have been a very serious subject in a decidedly UNserious way.

More about our guest expert:

Brian Walter is the President of Extreme Meetings and Extreme Trainings. He has a Certified Speaker Professional designation with the National Speakers Association, and has been inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame.

Brian is an an internal communications consultant, multi-media writer and video producer, and ... of course ... speaker and emcee. He provides customized infotainment and videos to make boring meetings memorable or ... as occasionally is the case ... to simply suck less.


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